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09 July 2010

The Engagement of Kamarul & Hajar @ Setiawangsa


Another job is done.. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kamarul and Hajar for giving me the trust to capture their engagement day.. I am really honored to be at your service.. Lepas ni prepare for wedding pulak la yek.. :) ;p

Congratulations to both of you..

10 June 2010

Shereen + Marul | Geram di Taiping

Sorry yek.. title macam headline dalam majalah mangga pulak.. haha.. Tapi ada reason dia.. Special untuk couple kita kali ni..

I would like to take this advantage to congratulate both Shereen and Kamarul on their wedding on Saturday and Sunday..

Welcome to the club.. Lepas ni join kelab ibu2 bapak2 pulak k.. hehehe..

Kini Marul sudah tidak perlu begitu gerammm lagi dah ye Marul..

"Selamat Pengantin Baru"

19 February 2010

My Workshops

Do you wish to know how I've always managed to showcase great outdoor portraits every time?

Wonder how I can acquire amazing images using only available lights?

Wonder how I can achieve balanced lighting when using off camera flash technique?

You don't have pro grade equipments? Don't worry.. You can still attain amazing images with your kit lens..

I can show you how..

Join my workshops on these dates below.


2. 31/1/10 - RM180

No Class available




Call or SMS to these numbers :



Youth Media


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